Diogo Brown with international artists.
Emilio & Gloria Estefan

Diogo Brown recording with Emilio & Gloria Estefan

Diogo Brown & Nouvelle Vague

Diogo Brown tour Nouvelle Vague

Diogo Brown & Laura Pausini

Diogo Brown with Laura Pausini

Diogo Brown  & Fernanda Abreu

Diogo Brown playing with Fernanda Abreu

Diogo Brown & Luciana Mello

Diogo Brown & Luciana Mello em Miami

Diogo Brown at the Studio

Recording session Diogo Brown

Jorge Ben Jor e Diogo Brown no Rio.

Jorge Ben Jor e Diogo Brown no Rio De Janeiro.

Diogo Brown, Studio musicians

Foto by Marisa Barbosa

Diogo Brown, Vanessa Da Mata, Studio

Diogo Brown and Vanessa Da Mata at Noise Match Studios.

estudio com  Vanessa da Mata

Diogo Brown,Concha Buika, musicians

Buika tour

Diogo Brown e Batuke Samba Funk

Diogo Brown, Sandra de Sa

Jaco Pastorius, Diogo Brown

What you seeking is seeking you

Diogo Brown,Mesh , Funk jazz project


Elen Oleria

Warmoth bass


Diogo Brown, Daddario strings

Being my self

hey you!


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Being my self